English conversation about opening a Bank Account

1st:     Yes, sir how can I help you?
2nd:    Well, I want to open my new bank account

1st:     Ok, sir just have a sit
2nd:    Thank you, by the way,
          Can I get some water please?

1st:     Sure, sir just a minute, helper, give water to this sir please.
          So sir, tell me, have you brought any documents with you?
2nd:    Oh! Yes, I have many of them today; what will be required?

1st:     Sir you need to give your residential proof, and your ID proof
          So, do you have your passport and pan card?
2nd:    Oh yes, I have
          I have brought the photocopies even

1st:     Oh that’s great, by the way,
          What kind of account you want to open?
2nd:    Pardon please.

1st:     Means, you want to open current or saving account?
2nd:    So, what’s the difference?

1st:    In the saving account you have the limitation of withdrawing money but you will get interest 4% where as in current account you will not have any limitation for withdraw however, you will get very less interest of 1% only. So basically, current is more suitable for company account for traders and businessman.
2nd:    And what about the deposit that I have to maintain?

1st:    In the saving account you have to maintain 2000 Rs. where as in current account you have to maintain 25000 Rs.
          So, what sounds you more suitable?
2nd:   Oh! I’m afraid the saving sounds good to me. By the way, what facilities will you give in it?

1st:     Well, you’ll get the passbook and chequebook of 15 pages
2nd:    What about the debit card on ATM card?

1st:     Well, that charges you extra
2nd:    So what about those charges?

1st:     Well, for the ATM you need to pay 25 Rs. extra
2nd:    Ok, that’s perfect for me
           I need all facilities even mobile bank and net banking

1st:     Ok good sir let’s complete the formalities

2nd:    Ok, let’s go.


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