Inquiry in english at the Railway Station


    2. Excuse me, where is the railway station?
    1. Oh! You just go straight, then turn left at the third window

    2. Thank you
    1You’re welcome

At the window

  1.  Yes sir, how can I help you?
  2.  Well, I want to go to Mumbai

  1.  Sir may I have the date when you want to go?
  2.  Oh! On the next Sunday, on 31st

  1. OK sir, just a minute, sir there will be two trains in the morning and four in the evening
  2. What about the morning trains?

  1. Sir, the first one is Karnavati express; that will board at 5:00 o’clock in the morning
  2. Oh! It’s too early what about the other one?

  1. The other one is Valsad local that will leave at 10:00 o’clock, that will be local up to Valsad and from there it will be an express 
  2. Oh I’m afraid, it will take too much time, what about the Saturday evening?

  1. There will be four trains. First one is Saurastra-janata express that will go at 7:30. The other one is Gujarat mail that will board at 8:30 and
  2. Is there any train after 9:00 o’clock?

  1. Just a minute I’m coming towards it, the Lokshakti express will leave at 9:15 o’clock
  2. Oh! It’s hard to manage as I leave my office at 9:00 o’clock, what about the last one?

  1. That will be the Bhuj express, that will leave at 11:30
  2. Oh! that sounds better, quite comfortable for me to catch, what about the Fares?

  1. Well that’ll cost you 160 Rs. in sleeper and 320 Rs. in two tier AC sleeper
  2. OK give me that second one

  1. Sure sir, by the way, do you have any change please?
  2. Let me see it; oh yes here it is

  1. Thank you sir, it’s your ticket and have a comfortable journey
  2.  OK, thank you Bye, Have a nice day

  1. You too bye bye


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