1. Excuse me, I want to go to Prince Edward Street, Do you know, which bus does go over there?
  2. Well, there are three busses for PES, 31, 32, 37

  1. Is there any bus, has gone just before? 
  2. Yes, hardly 2 min before 31 has gone

  1. Oh! No, now I have to wait. By the way, do you know when will the next bus come?
  2. Well, it’ll, come after 10 min, by the way, are you new in the city?

  1. Yes, basically, I’m from Bombay 
  2. Oh! That’s why you problems for getting the bus

  1. Oh! Yes, and there is no any good administration and management in Transportation
  2. Really? 

  1. See, drivers drive racklessly, they dont stop at the bus stand but on the contrary at the cross roads at signal, all busses come with jampack crowd 
  2. Yes, but these days, it has been improving

  1. So, how you can say that?
  2. Well, there is a nice frequency of each and every route. People have to wait hardly for 10 min

  1. Does government offer any concession schemes?
  2. Oh, yes government offers various kinds of concession passes for commuters, for women, for students and for the senior citizens

  1. And what about for others?
  2. Well, you can travel anywhere in the bus in $5. for the whole day; by the way your bus is coming
  1. Oh! Let me go; otherwise, I will miss it again
  2. Oh! Sure you may proceed

  1. By the way, It’s pleasure talking to you. Bye
  2. Me too sir, Bye Bye; have a nice day


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