Speaking test
– What is your full name?
Hi, I am Clara Morgan

– Can I see your ID?
Oh! that's' totally fine, it will be a pleasure for me

– Where are you from?
I am from San Fransisco

– Do you work or study?
I am a student here in IT

– Did you go to the cinema when you were a child?
Not that too much, I was not that so much fond of cinema during that time

– How often do you go there now?
Presently, It's my one of the passionate hobbies

– Did your taste in movies change over the years?
Yes, actually great, during my secondary school years, I used to watch more romantic but now onwards I like to watch more realistic or I would say some more conceptual movies.

– Why do you think it did?
See, it was a school time during when students usually get more attracted to those fancy and romantic beautiful lies. So did I. Then as time passed becoming more aware with the serious world, so my taste has got more serious.

Cue Card
Talk about a complaint that you made to a company recently, and were pleased with the result. Please say
– What was the complaint?
– What did you ask them to do about it?
– Why were you pleased with the result?

Well, before six months actually, I wanted to buy a tripod and zoom lens for my DSLR camera, and for that I visited market a lot but finally, my friend suggested me a good deal available on online shopping cart website, so I bought that set from that website. I got the delivery within 24 hrs, that I admired them for it. But then when in the evening, I took out all equipments and climbed up my terrace for photoshoots of sunset. When I set up all required settings and very excited at that time but sooner that transferred into fury as I didn't get the result what I had anticipated. I got a bit of slant angle and many a time blurred result through zooming. So I got disappointed and infuriated felt like cheated. So I rushed to the downstairs and dialed on a toll-free number. and thrashed them about products and such robbery. However, they have tried hard to calm me down and assured me better products they would exchange me within 24 hrs. I was not believing their words. Nevertheless, I got a new set in 24 hrs and before letting the salesman go, I had checked up all things. And again I did photography and got absolutely stunning results. I would say better than the best. Finally, I had given my positive feedback in their service support forum. So my suspiciousness for online shopping, though I faced troubles initially but pleased with their after service support.
– What is the best way to address complaints, in your opinion?
Taking out the phone and calling to a toll-free number or submitting reviews about the product online on their portals and pages, that's the way, they usually respond.

– Why should a business offer compensation for complaints?
Otherwise, they would not sustain their position in the market and might lose their dedicated clients.

– On what occasions do people wear formal clothing?
At the workplace and attending any public gathering or conference they have some protocols to wear formal during this time.

– Do you think people today wear more casual clothing than before?
Yes indeed, because people find themselves looked quite funky or trendy and fit in those outfits. So maybe they enjoy more casual nowadays.

– Some workplaces require employees to wear a uniform. Why?
To maintain integrity and unity and not erupting any sort of discrimination. Moreover, in this way a company can maintain the flat organizational structure.

– Will people behave differently when they wear a uniform? Why?
Well, if they are forced to wear then they might behave sometimes annoyingly or differently but people who do not emphasize on wearing, find it good not to remember that tomorrow what they would wear, they might enjoy more I am afraid.

– Is it a good idea for employers to force employees to wear uniforms?
No not at all, they should reckon with their productivity only and Employers can boost it if they allow them to wear what they want, provided it should not be seemed weird or vulgar. 

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