Speaking test
– What is your full name?
I am Waqar Yusuf

– Can I see your ID?
Oh yes, here it is.

– Where are you from?
I am from Chittagong, the hub of velvet fabric production

– Do you work or study?
I have just completed my bachelor in social Human Welfare

– What do you do?
I have just joined an NGO being a volunteer and work as a project manager.

– Where do you live now?
I live at Chishti street in Chittagong

– Why do you live there?
Well, I have born and brought up here and know the area just as my backyard, So I love it living here.

– Do you know neighbours in your area?
Yes, they are also the part of our family, we need not require to inform them at any occasions or party whenever we held. And the same vice-versa.

– What is your favourite colour?
Indeed green very much

– Why do you like it?
It suits me well, that I can sense from people's reaction whenever I put on this tone.

– What colour would you choose for your room?
In this case, I would love to choose blue or maroon in their texture form.

– Why would you choose it?
Well nobody can see that much of dust on the wall if painted with these colours.

– Do you drink tap or bottled water? Why?
I like tap water because my all previous generations have not been in any problem with this water and tap water has also many minerals which are absent in bottled water.

Cue Card
Talk about a language that you would like to learn apart from English. Please say
– What is it?
– Why do you want to learn it?
– What benefits will you have from learning it?
Image result for Talk about a language that you would like to learn apart from English. Please say
Well, I would love to learn the French language apart from English. As it is also one of the widely spoken languages of the world like in Canada, Africa and in Europe. So being familiar with this language will help me to acclimatize in those nations where I am looking for doing my job as a social welfare worker and knowledge of this language can assist me in developing good tuning with their people. Moreover, in Africa, many countrymen are deprived of basic amenities also. So to understand and analyze their problems with finding out a solution for them, this language would really help me if I will be familiar with it. Furthermore, to take aid from those people to educate others and getting financial aids from riches, command over local language can make an eloquent effect. If this will go well, I can work better at other needy areas of the world and can open an NGO which will work at a global level like Red Cross. Apart from this, Unawareness of education is great in people of developing countries, so being a helpmate, via communicating in their language to the lonely, orphan, poor of all nations is also required greatly. Bringing such people in the mainstream of global society by providing them a platform is the moral duty that we have to perform. This will really make me feel self-esteemed, satisfying of doing something for humanity. 

– What are the difficulties of learning this language?
Well, grammar and pronunciation are completely different in the relation of writing and speaking.

– Why do people learn a foreign language?
Well, its presence in resume attracts to recruiters and a person can have an edge if he requires to travel a lot internationally.

– How can we learn languages easily?
Well, many online institutes run today language courses program with versatile modules reckoning speed of learner and his needs. So that the best way I believe to learn easily.

– Do you think everyone should learn a foreign language?
Yes, see because it improves or maintains the strength of brain or it gives exercise to the brain I have read somewhere in articles.

– Why do some people learn faster than others?
They might be from a science background, I am afraid, as they don't enjoy and are not willing to score well in language subjects so they cant learn as fast as art students 

– Is there an influence of a foreign culture on your culture?

Insanely I would say, we have already discarded our ethnic clothes, languages and new generation is also replacing traditional foods and snacks and way of celebrating birthdays also. This utterly seems nonsense and dumbness of well educated and developed people. They should not forget their culture while enjoying or adopting other culture.

– How can we learn about other cultures apart from language study?
I would recommend through touring if there is no any money or time crisis and barring that, watching documentaries would really help to get sense of other culture.


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