Speaking test
– What is your name?
I am Atif Aslam

– What should I call you?
Well, I would like to be called Atif

– Where are you from?
I am from Mirpur in Dhaka, an old muslin city.

– Why is your hometown interesting?
Well, there have been many mosques, rivers and have many festivals throughout the year. All these collectively make it interesting.

– Are there any interesting places in your hometown? Which ones?
well, many forts and palaces, castles declared as heritage places by UNESCO, are worth to visit.

– How many hours of sleep does a person need?
Indeed, 6 to 8 hours at least.

– How many hours do you sleep each day?
Well, it varies from day to day, like throughout weekdays from Monday to Friday I used to sleep around 6 hrs only. I wish I can sleep for more hours. However, I do compensate on weekend by waking up late in the morning and still sleep two hours at noon.

– What do you do to fall asleep quickly?
I like to play some sort of soft and soothing music with relaxes me and makes me calm, which helps me to induce sleep.

– What are the disadvantages of lack of sleep?
Well, we may feel tired and dizziness throughout the day and can't maintain focus on our task.

– How many hours of sleep does an older person need?
Well, at least 10 hours minimum as they use to get tired very early and required to rest them a lot.

Cue Card
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Talk about a story someone told you, that you remember well. Please say
– Who told you the story?
– When did they tell you the story?
– Why do you remember this story?
– Explain why it is interesting to you.
Well once upon a time, it happened to my friend and he shared that experience with us. In his secondary standard, he bunked the hostel and went for watching a movie in a late night show in a theatre. The movie was a horror one, I didn't remember the title of the movie. But as a movie over and he left the theatre, he got hungry and went on the other side, where the very far end of the road he found a lorry of peanut seller. As he reached there, ordered and did some casual talking and finally when he was going to take his order from that seller, he saw that fingers of the sellers getting longers towards him, it was just as the same what he had seen in the movie. he completely got bewildered and fright stricken and with screaming, he left the peanuts and ran ahead continuously for an hour. Crossing the intersection, on the other side, he saw a horse cart rider was going on. He stopped him and requested him to drop his destination. On the way, he told his experience to that rider. And rider laughed loudly and so my friend yelled at the rider to take it seriously. And then, that rider showed his hands and told my friend that peanut seller has fingers like these longs, and the same way, rider's fingers had been getting an increase. My friend told me that he didn't have any idea that how he could manage to come home but then onwards in his life he never went alone to see a movie especially a horror one. 

Follow up question: Do you tell stories often?
Yes, by all means, Just like to frighten my friends with my stories.

– What is the importance of storytelling?
Well, it improves our presentation skills and can gift us an idea to entertain people with our good flawless speech.

– Do you think storytelling is important for students?

Yes indeed, in this way they can learn without getting bored and find learning quite interesting.

– What kind of stories do young children like?

Well, in the present scenario, they tend to prefer more to be entertained with stories of superheroes.

– How about older children?

Well, it varies from children to children, my some college friends before coming to college always use to watch cartoons without missing a single episode which seemed quite weird in old children. Hence we can't expect any certain impression about their preferences about the stories.

– Did you ever tell any story to anyone?

Yes, in fact, many a time, initially was not good, but later I have been better than before

– What story was it?

it doesn't matter, I tend to create according to incidences

– Do you think children like adventurous stories?

Always they admire, that's why only we have seen today about increasing trends of risky adventures and sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, mountaineering and many more.

– Do you think children like technology more than storytelling?

Well, we can't firmly say that as some kids, deprived of technology, might enjoy better through storytelling.

– How can you use technology for storytelling?

Well, we can add some background music, animation, subtitles etc to make it more appealing.

– What are the disadvantages of technological storytelling?

Well, teller has to concentrate on both, on giving the performance and about outer effects of performance through technology whether it would be good or bad.

– Do you use technology often for storytelling?

Not really but I am opting to open my channel in Youtube as I have seen some Youtubers performing this hobby.

– Do you think children should use technology for storytelling or listen to a real person’s story?

Well, both approach they should be open with, so in both ways, they can enjoy, as some people have natural phenomenal talent that without technology even, very eloquently they present while some are crippled and can't produce effectively if they don't have technological assistance.


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