Some psychologists think that the best way to overcome stress of everyday life is to spend a portion of the day doing absolutely nothing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Stress has become an ultimate nemesis for the damnation of mankind. To curb it, many say that engaging time idly can relax people from stress. However, if that time enjoyed in recreational activities can be proven better stress buster, provided on their knowledge of enjoyment.

In present scenario, accomplishing high targets in short quarters by employees at work within low offered salaries have made them engage more in putting up time more in earning. Moreover, being obsessed with higher lifestyles, people pursuit behind accumulating wealth adopting workaholic  lifestyles. However, in this chase, they cant gain whatever they desire in time. Consequently, mentally and physically they get exhausted sooner or later with becoming prey of stress which leads them towards being irritated or depressed.

Nevertheless, finding time in a day and spending it idly cant be put into practice since stress remains mentally even. On the contrary, if people go for excursion to nearby suburbs or involve actively in sports and games at least for thirty minutes in a day can also help them to bear the stress. Apart from that, attending gym or performing yoga or aerobics also can reward same benefits as it generates oxygen in whole body and cease mind of people from thinking about anxieties.

Thus, people should feel satisfaction with what they have and getting enjoyment from them with spending quality little time in leisure activities regularly. Blindly looking for the most exotic things and keeping themselves away from hobbies will not help to overcome stress but certainly fall them in to  frustration.


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