Some say you should always marry for love; others say that in an uncertain world it is wiser to marry for money. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.

Image result for what is important in a relationship love or moneyIn today's practical life, focus on getting married to a person who has an element of love, has not been prioritised so much as to a person who has comfortable wealth. This changed attitude might make people sense materialistic with great emotional emptiness.

Nowadays, shown lavishing lifestyle on screen and its promotion through internet have made youngsters aspire such exotic lifestyle. For which they somehow think to achieve this way of life by marrying an aristocratic person. However, this attitude might lead them in imprisonment of golden cage in case, ideas or preference with same wavelength would not going to match. As a result, at that time, they wonder in a market to find pure love as money would not satisfy their emotional needs.

Nevertheless, today's soaring dearness demands to have significant proportion of money before getting married as meeting with different paying bills of spending has been becoming hard for people to afford to run family. So many soulmate seekers think to get marry to a person with having money as they would have little compromise for quality lifestyle in future.

No doubt, if love is there in relation then care for a person will be generated intuitively, person would effort to comfort his/her partner with the best what he can do. Furthermore, in unforeseen crunch situations their love, care and support would fill fuel to them to settle in life and with this approach, they can enjoy the journey whether pass from bad or velvet patches.

Image result for what is important in a relationship love or money
Thus, money, though its essential for surviving, its always availability cant be assured. While love and care in people would sound their relationship and feel more satisfying. Hence, seeing love in a person for marriage should be reckoned over money, apart from this, for long lasting companionship love is inevitably required.


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