Speaking test
– What is your full name?
Hi, I am Hari Subramaniyam

– Can I see your ID?
Oh, yes sir, it will be my pleasure

– Where are you from?
I am from Hydrabad

– Do you work or study?
I am working as a quality controller in private pharma sector

– What do you do?
I have to check all drugs' inspection and elements reckoning their proper balance and measure in different quality standards.

– Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Well, I live in a house. It has 3 bedrooms, hall and a kitchen, and has a nice air and light circulation.

– Do you like it there? Why?
No I don't like these days, as it has got crowded more and getting congested. I have to hear continuously traffic's honking very much. So look forward to move somewhere else in green and serene atmosphere.

– What is your favourite room?
I like my own bedroom very much. Its been an end of the world for me and enjoy slumbering there; one of my favourite leisure activities.

– Where do you usually go for a one day holiday?
Well its not pretty fix since we have multiple tourist spots in surrounding so we change it every time.

– Where would you like to go, a place that you never seen?
If I have heard good suggestions and reviews about the place then I may attempt to go to a hill station or at beach.

– Who would you go there with?
Indeed with my beloved

– Do you like rain? Why?
Yes, by all means, I enjoy drenching in rain and splashing in puddles

– Do you prefer to live in a wet or dry area?
Well I prefer dry over wet because in wet area some sort of clumsiness I always feel, and find sometimes very monotonousness in case air or sunlight is not there.

– Did you ever cancel plans because of rain?
Well, once we got stuck up in rain however, we enjoyed of touring rather than cancelled. But if we hadn't left home, and rain had got started then we might have cancelled our plan.

Cue Card
Image result for Talk about a mathematical skill that you learned in primary school. Please sayTalk about a mathematical skill that you learnt in primary school. Please say
– What was it?
– Who was your teacher?
– When and where did you learn it?

During my fifth or sixth standard approximately, I am not pretty sure but at that time our one math teacher introduced with algebra's chapter Factors. But before inception of that chapter he gave us various maxims; almost 15 to 20. Then he taught us different sums and made us applying those maxims, I really started liking math. However, unluckily I had been absent on one day so could not get the rhythm in next day's exercises which were based on the previous day's maxims' explanations. I got disappointed and mood less. On that day, my sir came to my home and taught me without charging a single penny what I missed on that day and performed all exercises again and enjoyed. So I would say here I was a mediocre student in math but that fellow, with some techniques, reckoning my mindset or strength and with paying complete attention only, I could get grip on algebra. And because of those maxims, the way I had crammed up completely the way my sir had taught, I could survive in math. Luckily I was one of the top five students in math. And later I went in science faculty because of those skills and techniques I learned and because of what I found math interesting and easy. 

– Was it difficult or easy to remember?
I found it easy because of what I had become talk of the town in my friends and some of them got envied.

– Do calculators make it easy to solve math problems?

Not really, only it can make it calculation faster. Apart from that we can't expect anything from it like applying ideas in proper steps whether they are going accordingly or not.

– Is it beneficial to use a calculator?

I don't think so. for business its been a boon to calculate faster. Otherwise students should enjoy the process of calculation by their own selves.

– How did people do math in the past without calculators?

Well, at that time also some sort of methods might have been existed like vedic math and aloha brain development center, basically they teach today with those past ancient methods.

– How did computers change our life?

Insanely it has changed, it has been an integral part of man's live, sorry man's body these days.

– Is computing affecting our math skills?

Not at all, on the contrary, it has smoothen some math skills through its programs and presentations. However, computers have crippled us also for doing math without them.

– What would happen if computers stopped working?

We would be certainly get back to the dark ages, the way we have secured date base in order and maintaining that order again if computers stopped; anarchy might be erupted.

– How would the government cope with it?

Well they should certainly have not only plan B but up to plan Z. Otherwise informal emergency or kind of chaos will be there. Government cant cope with it according to me.

– Lets talk about artificial intelligence.


– Do you think computers’ IQ level is higher than humans’?

Not at all, if all computers also start spending time in leisure and pleasure, in drinking and in gambling; they would more be seemed dumb than humans.
Actually all human beings don't use intelligence at a full throttle. But that doesn't mean that computers are superior than mankind.

– What efforts can make math easy to understand?

simple, authorities should develop interest in people to attend math. if they start taking interest, then surely they would enjoy math provided on their learning skills.


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