The trend of increased consumer goods production is damaging the natural environment. Why is it still happening? What are the solutions for this situation?

Nowadays, increasing trend of shopping has not boosted economy but given severe hazardous effects on environment as frequent shopping of people lead them throw used products very sooner and materials of plastic used in packaging could not be dumped or recycled properly. This has affect eco-system adversely.

In present Scenario, online attractive customer friendly shopping portal have developed addiction in people for buying things quite frequently. Moreover, because of prevailing cut throat competition, sellers give discounts on the products heftily; simultaneously, economy of people increase significantly; due to which they can afford doing shopping frequently. However, utilisation of products and exploiting their maximum usage is being preformed by very scarce people these days.

Furthermore, plastic used by manufacturers for packaging have not only soared profits of packaging industries but accumulate and pile up waste plastic materials also at dump yard. This plastic remains as usual even after 5000 years and in adding that spoils fertility of land. Same way, many types fibres of plastic used in manufacturing many goods, which after its used and thrown could not be recycled in the junkyard. Beside this, consumers buy every years new electronic gadgets as they are getting increasingly less cheaper which motivate consumers to buy new electronics. Nevertheless, on account of this, in a great measure e-waste have been excessively reserved. Consequently, as of not invented satisfying recycled solution of those waste, this trend of consumerism detriment environment insanely.

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Thus, this awareness should be brought in people about curbing their frequent buying and throwing habits. In addition to this, Manufacturers should also do research more in producing goods with eco friendly standards. Parallel, government should invent ways of using waste in productive ways. This eloquent ways only, problems of environment due to consumerism will be eradicated.


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