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Some people say that artists such as painters, writers and musicians affect our life more than scientists. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your experience.
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Today still there has been a large size of mass reckon about spending time in art or being professional artist is more low dignified and non-productive and influence more than scientist. However, this scenario might be in the minds of those staunch notions possessed persons due to lack of appreciation or attention given by media on scientists.

Today, scientists have been considered as stale by many people; engaged constantly in research and development; spending endless hours in lab to invent something which many people find it boring. However, account of their rigorous duties only, we have been enjoying and living life smoothly though there has been always less coverage given by media on them than to artists. 

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that they are not known to people or affecting them. Still, following scientists has been popular in some special class not in mass which class too endeavour in being like them but considering artists influencing people more than scientists, that might be partial.
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Moreover, though scientists have changed the world and lives of the people significantly, artists can infuse more energy, motivation for doing or achieving something in people. Because, their arts actually spellbound the people and for a time they fall in love of those artists' skills and arts. 

Furthermore, people find more emotions in art. E.g., through lines and colours painters convey emotions quite poignantly. Same way, writers can make people laugh loudly or shed tears with purging out their emotions after which people can feel very light. In add to this, musicians' melodious immortal tunes have been reverberating for a longer in listeners ears in forms of jingles or signature tunes.
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Thus, comparing scientists and artists in debate of who is more influential and affecting life of people has not been appropriate. Their roles in life of people have been enormous. Hence, both scientists and artists should be reckoned as separate entities and at last, media should also publicise scientists as much as artists.


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