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Some people think that hobbies should be linked with technology, while others believe that it is not necessary for hobbies to be involved with technology. Discuss, what is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your experience.

Hobbies have always been proven one of the best companions of human being. However, for some people their job is their hobby or some spare time for their hobby which is not so boring as they feel about their work. Seeing this, some people's claim of linking hobby with the technology which cant be accepted or acclimatised by all. 
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Today, people's movement has always been performed with the support of technology, which actually restricts them to enjoy by performing them own selves.This development farther them from hobby. As a result, many people believe that hobby lovers get engaged more with technologies to maintain their interest in hobby. E.g, today's simulated gadgets make people feel great experience of running in nature surrounding, same way motion games are also not different and give the same pleasure of playing on the ground. 
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Moreover,very few people have capabilities these days to spend time to go out and engage in hobby. Hence, if people link technology with their hobbies, they can get moments of fun of their hobbies at their home conveniently without going out on grounds which has been scarcely available these days. Nevertheless, very few people have skills of mastering technology as everybody can't operate so exceptionally.

Image result for hobbies with technologyFurthermore, some people would get idle and might spend time more with technology related hobbies only which might aggravate their health as natural sunlight and excursion also make people feel better. And in case, technology breaks down, people might get irritated or infuriated as they can't justify their hobbies. In addition, hobbies linked with technology can't give the same pleasure every time in reference with all hobbies.Thus, it would be advisable that people should enjoy their hobby in their own way, either linking with the technology or without it, but at least they should spend time in hobby. This will give them real pleasure of life rather than money would give, behind which they run untiringly.


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