Speaking test
- What is your full name?
Ans. I am Zaid Hamid

– Can I see your ID?
Ans. Oh, sure, I will like that

– Where are you from?
Ans. I am from Tehran, the capital of Great Iran

– Do you work or study?
Ans. I am a student here in chemical engineering

– Did you do any part time or full time job? Why?
Ans. Yes, to meet my expenses during my higher secondary standard, I used to work in my Uncle's cafe.

– What job did you do when you were a child?
Well, I didn't require that time but yes when I went to my maternal uncle's home during summer vacation, at that time I used to work in his cafe voluntarily.

– How far is your home from here?
Its been almost 10 km away.

– Do you like wild animals?
Yes,By all means

– Why do you like wild animals?
I like their ferocious look, especially of those cat breeds; strips on tigers and mane around the neck of lions and their huge hunky size really adds in their terrifying appearance. Apart from that agile running skills of Cheetah also fascinates me.

– Do you have a pet at home?
No but I wish I had

– Why do you think people keep pets?
See, because abundant unconditional love only we can get from them only. Doesn't matter for them how much we earn, or how we look. 
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Cue Card
Talk about an instance when you were saving money for something. Please say
– What did you save for?
– How did you do it?
– How long did you have to save money for?

Ans. Well, recently I haven't saved money for anything but in the past when I was kid at that time I saved for a specific purpose.
When I was 7 years old at that time my parents gave me birth day present but they had been saving money for a long time because we had been in very financial crisis during that time. 
So I thought also to give gift to my parents on their upcoming marriage anniversary. So I started saving money for it, no doubt in the whole process I sacrificed a lot for my candies and pastries. Even at my school during break even I avoided to take my favourite half moon cake. 
Image result for presenting gift to parentsHowever, seeing that my friend Anna always share her breakfast with me. She also supported greatly during that time. So out of my pocket money of three months I saved a respectable figure according to me that at least I could give out of that money some meaningful thing. And I bought a big size photo frame in silver rim looked very precious. Put photos with time to time memories from their marriage to my last birth day.
They had really enjoyed and found it incredible. And I got many tight hugs and kisses from them which felt me great self esteemed.

– What do you think men are the best at saving money for?
Well, they usually like to save for their gadgets until they complete their study. Nevertheless, then they save for to make it double in different investment plans.

– How do young people save money?

See, they contact many portfolio management consultancy which give them their tailor made plans through what they like to do investment like in SIP, Mutual Funds, Stocks etc.

– Why do you think young people save money?

Well otherwise, how can they secure their future of themselves and their family? Since government don't look after themselves after their sixties.

– Why don’t most young people want to save money?

because they want to live in present only for their young life because later onward they might not be well enough physically to enjoy the life fully.

– What factors are affecting them?

Movies and fashions and their celebrities' swagging lifestyles are really affecting them.

– What companies are trying to get people to save money?

Many companies, they issue their shares and in this way people can buy them and keep in investment, when they want their money for purpose then they can sell them in which they earn good dividend and interest also. same way as I have mentioned above some financial and wealth management companies  also get people to save money.


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