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Many experts want to ban media or to seize their sovereignty. Why? Explain the reasons and solutions.

Today, media perform their duties in a disguised manner and on the name of freedom they publish or telecast information very unbridledly. Some experts want to curb their freedom of expression to censor content. However, this might create havoc and instability in the nation if it ceased.
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Nowadays, for acquiring Television Rating Point(TRP) media remains engage to present news and information regarding with the interest of the audience. For that they don't feel any qualms or regret to present filthy news. 

As some celebrities do unusual tricks for gaining cheap popularity same way many media houses are engaged to trigger their active audience by presenting provocative, seductive news. In this way, they can get many advertisement clients, out of which they earn the humongous profit.

Furthermore, many political parties from their party fund donate (a sophisticated bribe) to media houses and in this way they patron media, publicise them again and again with some manipulated and polarised  news. 

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Sometimes media persons cater fallacious news of some celebrities due to have an insatiable grudge for them. In addition, some paparazzi groups capture every moment of many public figures which somehow gives uneasiness and suffocation to them. 

Rather than showing famous celebrities' noble deeds for charity, media professionals portray their pictures of personal wrong habits of drinking, personal moments spent with their partner. 

Hence, to filter this nuisance spread in media, government has to control them. and without their permission governed by experts should not publish any information in any print or electronic media. 

Image result for polarization in media Thus, some natural calamities, public havoc related to any breaking news, media should be allowed to convey without permission. However, in accordance with this, every government must monitor their presentation. This way only media will come on the right track of journalism, the forth pillar of democracy.


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