In some countries people think women should have equality with men, in particular equal rights to work as police officers or serve in the Army. Others think women are not suitable for such jobs. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Today because of movement of women empowerment, there has been stupendous contribution registered in many domains by women which has made many believers think for their joining in home and security department. However, still many staunch experts discard their inclusion in such jobs reckoning with bias views of their unsuitability which need to be addressed.

In present scenario, risen economy's reasons have been proven about boosting women entrepreneurship. They have not only been competing jobs of 9 to 5 but have also shown interest to serve the nations at border by performing combat jobs or curbing illegal and anti-social activities with maintaining law in city being police. However, their gender, their emotional attitude, and considering inferior than manly qualities many conservatives advocate their discordance of their admission from armed forces.

However, many elite nations have made their women armed forces of all wings. They have passed all those brutal and insane tests of physical, mental and intelligence torture by their governing bodies. Those selected women have established themselves even better then some men even who could also not pass all odds and tests. Furthermore, many areas like strategy planning, back office and medical support in, female can perform duties without going in a war either. Nevertheless, in today's nature of war, man to man combat might become of an ancient time the way drone, fighter planes nuclear arsenals, and war ships are being piled up and used.

Thus, women's intrusion cannot be averted by considering their gender inequality. They should be given chance and if they cross those marks of tests designed for any recruitment of police or armed forces, they must be selected. This will indeed eradicate bias of gender and other women will also get motivation for serving the nation.


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