Nowadays many business meetings and training are happening online and not in real offices. Do you think advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this matter?

Today online platforms have not only facilitated education and entertainment industries but also benefited business industries very significantly which too exploit online medium via arranging meetings and training to expand their business and doing deals. This can change the scenario of traditional way of doing business.

Nowadays, offline meetings in offices and giving training gradually have been obsolete as latest advanced communication operations have been so smart that can conduct communication from main domain to multiple locations without spending money on hiring conference room of hotels or giving travel expenditure to the trainees or employees.

Moreover, mediums of webinars and Skype have not only been cost saving tools for employers or trainers but have also shown candidate's awareness about latest enhanced high-tech communication skills. As a result, process becomes very easy to shortlist candidates from ample numbers of participants for an interview or submitting task to the deserved employee.

Furthermore, in case of  atmospheric disturbance in which circumstances, its been always hard to travel or to reach for meeting or training because of either heavy rain or snow fall or some unforeseen crisis. So, in such cases, online communications can be proven ceaseless sessions for moving the business on the next level.

And last but not least, it would be cost friendly to the candidate to appear for the interview or for training given online as it might be affordable rather than spending time and money by visiting and attending different locations for the same purpose. consequently, trainee, employee or applicant have more options available and for businesses it would be ease for them to come on conclusion on taking decision for development of the business rather than performing meetings in offices which take time.

Thus, online meetings have become a peculiarity of latest business trend however, training should be given on both platforms online and offline to clear doubts raised during online process. This will better be solved through sessions of in person in real offices.


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