Speaking test
1. Can you tell me your full name, please?
Ans. I am Sindbad Qureshi

2. Where are you from?
Ans. I am from Doha

3. Do you work or study?
Ans. I am working in private sector as an accountant

4. What did you do to get your first job?
Ans. Well, luckily it was my uncle's restaurant, so I got job of accountancy quite easily to groom my professional skills at novice stage

5. Are you planning to do further studies?
Ans. Yes, I am looking for doing Masters in course work in Investment Banking

6. Do you like to eat at home or out, why?
Ans. Well, I prefer both, once I get bored from routine home food, then I do try to eat out, especially on weekend

7. Do many people in your hometown eat out?
Ans. yes by all means these days, see people have been increasingly getting very less time to spend with their family because of work, so many of them go frequently for dining out

8. How often do you go out with friends?
Ans. when have bucks in the wallet and time for getting together or when we get voucher of any restaurant

9. When did you go out with your friend last?
Ans. On last weekend

10. What did you talk about?
Ans. We discussed about career, local politics and he gave me party for his latest break up, he thanked God to get rid of that girl, however, that happened quite frequently in his case, so we had plenty of things to catch up

Cue card
Talk about a public park you went to in the past
- where is the park located?
- why did you go to that park?
- How did you feel in that park?
Well, last month I visited Eden Garden near at the city centre in the main downtown, I really enjoyed that visit and had a great fun. The whole garden divided in many parts. Inceptionally, I thought from the outside that it was mere a garden, but it was such a big that person could get tired of visiting. First of all, we visited Flower section, where we witnessed many types; almost around 400 to 500 different types of flowers and plants we saw, it was an incredible experience. I had never ever had such experience. I wanted to visit Netherlands especially for Tulips, luckily I saw there in different colours in ample numbers; looked amazingly colourful. apart from that Chrysanthemum that I had seen only in wallpaper in desktop. I had seen multiple varieties of its size and in colours, quite charming. Then we saw many garden plants like money plant, holy basil, Aloe Vera and many more. attended 15 minutes show of gardening, got the ideas of benefits of gardening. Then, we did boating in the lake that has been located exactly in the centre of the garden, we enjoyed that ride. it was a time of dusk.After that, suddenly lights got off, we got surprised but in a moment fountains got started and colourful lights switched on and music started. Those dancing fountains in colourful blinking lights with meeting the beats and sounds of music had made the whole sanctum very sparkling like a jewel sparkled in moonlight. a great very mesmerised experience.

1. What should the government do to protect the environment?
Ans. See, research in hybrid automation and cutting of using fossil fuels by replacing natural energy need to be explored

2. Do you think these measures will help protect the environment?
Ans. It can I am not sure but simultaneously developing green world would also offer some significant solutions.

3. Do you think people now have better awareness of environmental protection?
Ans. I don't think so, the way they have been accustomed to harm nature, and I have read a recent survey that out of 10 just only three people have knowledge about the term global warming. so this says it all.

4. Do you think that the sense of the natural beauty is changing over time?
Ans. yes indeed, some unusual cold, windy and hot weathers occur in places where they have been inexistent, so everywhere people find new type of nature in surroundings.


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