Some exercises are good, but not all, and without knowing the difference people who do all kinds of exercises can harm themselves. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion and include examples from your experience.

Today exercise has been trending in the people these days especially in youngsters. However, suitable exercise to them is not taken into consideration by exercisers which results sometimes in aggravating their back or knee problems. Consultation from gym experts or authentic internet videos can guide them about customised exercise.

Nowadays, plethora of media has realised people about importance of exercise and the way models and actors maintain their six packs look by rigorous exercise, diet and following fitness regime motivate girls and boys for exercising; either to get their dream look of zero figure or hunk or lean look in boys. 

As a result, they focus more in exercising these days. Entertaining gym and taking counselling by hiring personal trainer has become status symbol. Moreover, posting on social sites videos of lifting heavy weights or showing digits of completing meters on treadmill in certain minutes make other people also vulnerable to commit such attempts.

However, rather than performing basics of doing warm-up initially or performing heavy exercise with empty stomach  can bring severe illness of heart attack or drowsiness. Furthermore, to get ideal stats, people use steroids,take supplements to have an instant results. This trend might malfunction their kidneys if its conducted without precautions

In addition, some people perform exercise lazily and concentrate hardly to divide body weight in both sides. Consequently, they bear load on one side either in left or in right. So they can't get their desired results and on account of this, they push themselves more for intense exercise which again might detriment their physical health due to taking overweight.

Thus, exercising is not about getting into perfect shape, but it should be reckoned to feel fitness for last longer doesn't matter how we look, and in this way, we should do exercise considering our limits and strength, nevertheless it can be increased but under the proper guidance of expert. Otherwise, we will hurt our physic more than strengthening it.
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