Many people believe that criminals should be imprisoned; others, however, say they should do unpaid work that is beneficial for the community. Do you agree and disagree? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

Penalty of imprisonment has not been reckoned as an offering solution positively to the criminals according to some experts, because of what they incline to change the nature of penalty by giving unpaid duty of community services, which can make culprits aware with the social issues and simultaneously they can earn vocational skills even to survive after coming out from jail.

Today, there has been sentence of performing community services at needy sectors declared for the juvenile crime has brought tremendous development in people, as they use to keep themselves in regular civic society rather than being imprisoned and perform services without getting paid as a punishment given to them. 

As a result, those culprits have not only realized about problems of people and their requirement but also earned skills that might help them to earn money later on when they released from jail.

However, there has been the threat posed by some experts that if such criminals are not parted from regular society or given strict punishment, they might influence others to commit a crime and might change the scenario in very negative trend. 

Nevertheless, if they are punished in jail and not to be allowed of any work then they might get accustomed to living in that way and might become lazy to do work and again after getting out from the jail, they again can commit a crime as they haven't learned any skills. 

E.g., the prison of Netherlands; where their government provides many things and opportunities for learning and grooming skills and personality; like a library, computer lab, sessions given of tools repairing and many more. This has been giving fruitful output in development of prisoners and out of them, many can be included in the mainstream of society.

Thus, apart from terrorists and psychic criminals, serious killers rest of the prisoners should be given community services and for that, they have to be paid which will motivate them to live life with dignity when they come out from jail and have a breath of freedom. 


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