New parents should attend parenting classes to learn how to bring up their children well. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your opinion, supported by examples from your own experience.

Today upbringing has been reckoned very seriously by parents which make them aware worldwide available many resources for new parents to attend parenting classes. Attending such classes can make parents mature and responsible to handle and develop their children. 

Nowadays, many experts want young parents to learn to upbring before having children. This learning experience can give parents an edge to understand the psychology of their children and develop them according to their liking, disliking, strength and weaknesses that might beneficial for children.

However, Internet resources are these days very much handy for parents to get the solution of their inquiries related to their problems regarding their children's upbringing. However, to operate and find it authentic has been challenging for many parents who have been technologically deprived or semi-skilled.

Knowledge through attending a professional course of parenting might make parents able to apply their caring and nurturing their kids in proper steps. E.g., to make kids aware of different shapes, names, fragrances, things are required at the primary level. Then in the next stage making a castle of cards or in sea sand, drawing sketches and filling colors that would be considered in the secondary stage.

Thus, unorganized knowledge will give many difficulties to parents for growing their kids. Systematically and in proper steps given care and nurturing will make kids better citizen in the future. Hence, parenting classes ought to be attended by newly married people.


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