Nowadays the level of violence is increasing in video games and in some TV programs. what is the reason behind this? what can be the effect and solution?

               Today, violence very overwhelming portrayed in TV program and in games which have raised serious fret in socialists. If such promotion of violence continues, society might get youth with immorality and more aggression which can't be accepted for the betterment society.

               Today, the entertainment industry has been more engaging in providing scintillating action sequences and heartthrob crime thrillers in TV soaps and through video games. Though such programs ignite and appeal more to the audience especially to youth and children. This can aggravate the more adverse development of the mindset of people. As on longer aspect, people might get accustomed to performing those reel life incidence in real life that detriment society. making crueler and violence. that might lead to more anti-social merits of people.

               Nevertheless, creating awareness of such games as an illusion, and cannot be existed in reality and to accept as a fun only; Through this approach, more youth and children can be averted from not to adopting those evil merits cruelty and violence shown in games and video serials. Moreover, promotion of sports and brain development program, testing of patience and tolerance can make people better citizens of adjusting themselves in society. Furthermore rather than catering sensational action sequences, some more reality crisis and overcoming those challenges need to be presented in the movie, serials and in-game to prepare them for future and realizing them about true side of life.

               Thus, the government should enlighten with help of media to people not to be swayed by invigorating violence and cruelty shown in entertainment. on the other side, makers should reckon this threat and involve more making and giving more realistic, inspiring and comic theme.


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