Speaking test


– What is your full name?
I am Harry Sethi

– Can I see your ID

Oh sure, I'll love that

– Where are you from?

I am from Amritsar

– Do you work or study?

I am a working person

– What is your job?

I am an In-charge manager of an art gallery

– Do you like it or not? Why?

Yes, I do like, I enjoy it.
see, because its been business related to art, initially I didn't have a sense to enjoy art, but gradually I have learned to enjoy art, painting; Moreover, I have to meet high profile people and artists on regular basis, and they appreciate my work. So I really enjoy this profession.

Cue Card

Describe a painting you have seen that you liked. Please say

– Where and when did you see it?
– What was on the painting?
– How did you feel after seeing it?

Ans: Before almost five years, I have visited an art gallery, it was divided in multiple sections, I was novice at that time in industry. So I countered sublime world wide famous arts of great artists in dummy form; like 
Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Monalisa' and 'The Last Supper'
Michael Angelo's 'The Last Judgement'
Raphel' Desdemona
Boccaccio's Decameron
and many other arts of Pablo Picasso
I really got mesmerised when I read all their painting's sense. Finally, in the last section, there had been an exhibition going on. And there has been a painting in which there was a storm in the sea, light house was also there and boatman tried hard and in high tides and waves. The optimistic person would see that painting just as that boatman tried hard to reach his boat to the shore while pessimistic or negative person would observe that a man would drown in the sea. Quite meaningful and fabulous. I wanted to buy that one but I couldn't afford it that time, even today that way it was so expensive. But I enjoyed that experience found it incredible by thinking that How could people convey such story, or imagination on canvas so superbly. Then realised that that makes the difference between us to them to observe the life.


– Do you like art in general?
Of course, I cant imagine a breath and a moment without artistic sense.

– What kind of art do you like the most? 
painting by all means, especially if I see, any art that conveys message, emotion and from every corner of the room if it looks glorious then I would surely love it.

– Why do you like it?
Because, its been a Hercules task, I mean Achilles' Hills to climb to do painting, have many limitations; like have to copy from our imagination, and have to mingle with colours and have less chance of any editing and modification later. So you have to be very precise.

– Should the government help artists?
Indeed, I personally reckon them as an asset to have artists, government can earn decent revenues by holding an exhibition, event. so its their liabilities to take care of them. We have many records of past history during when kings took care of artists.


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