Scientists believe that in the near future cars will be driven by computers what are the reasons behind it? Would it be a positive or negative development in your opinion?

            Today's advanced technology has been revolutionizing not only public transport but also changed personal transportation significantly. This can be seen with the innovation and experiment being performed of the hyper-loop transit system and driver-less car which can offer salient  advantages outweigh disadvantages.
Nowadays, bringing upgradation in all departments has been a unique feature for technology giants; and automobile segments have also not been aparted. Gradual changes in designing a car, improving performance and increasing fuel efficiency on this issues, research and development have been carrying on for a long time. In recent development hybrid cars and driver-less cars proved for decreasing carbon emission and curbing more accident have been initiated through their marks, results have been satisfying.
However, Elon Musk'Tesla venture and Google's driver-less car have incepted new concept of a car. They run on electricity, with computerized GPS Navigation System have multiple sensors to avoid an accident or collide from sides, this can make very safe and comfortable and economic journey. Nevertheless, this development has given fret to doctors, health insurance companies and traditional premium cars manufacturers. But this trend will indeed boost people's interest to buy a car. Moreover, this will help the government in reducing traffic congestion and will create many job opportunities for maintaining such cars` operation up to mark through the back office. For e.g. drone operation plan.
          Thus, advantages will be more proven on continuity of electricity and internet. Otherwise, havoc or anarchy might erupt if chief needs of electricity or internet break down. So hopefully it may come with all crisis manageable modes. This will be a great change if will be realized.


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