Some people think advanced technology such as the internet is a powerful source of information. Others, however, think that books are also a good source of information do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and examples.

Today’s internet has gifted many numerous benefits such as entertainment, information and business communication etc. However, for the information and entertainment books also can perform a vital role as the internet which cannot be available without electricity or network.

Nowadays, for looking information, people usually incline to use internet regarding their queries; users can get multiple resources or website links which contained related information. So within a few seconds, a person can get an abundant source of information and in this way, he/she can satisfy his/her curiosity and get the solution of queries quite promptly. For e.g. there have been many search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. These search engines’ algorithm designed user-friendly so the user can get information regarding her/his profile.

Nevertheless, the standardized authentic reading material in books has been serving for centuries for solutions and entertainment. No doubt to find out an ideal book and to refer out its pages for the source of proper context from the book has been tedious for many readers. Hence, very few readers have that kind of tendency to get a solution and pertain their interest to refer out books for seeking information, though it takes unpredictable time. But still, the option of gaining information through the books has been still widely available in some darker regions where the internet has not reached yet.
Thus, information from the internet and books can be obtained. However, gainers should assure about the authenticity of material for standard information. Nevertheless, for entertainment user’s mindset will decide from which he/she will be entertained more; either from books or from the internet.


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