Many companies invest their money in sports games for advertisement purposes. Some people think it is good for the sporting world, while others believe that it has some disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Today commercialism has also intruded in sports and games. These days, sports have not been longer only to show patriotic emotions but also have been proving lethal weapon to reach every people for businesses to advertise their products which might have some demerits.

In the present scenario, sports soar to the great vertical limit and its grand enlargement has brought the attention of many corporates to invest heftily for advertising their products. For this, they endorse sports or famous celebrities; make their products brand ambassador as throughout the world they have an ample number of followers. So, sports have become very glamorous and eye-catching because of the involvement of business houses. In addition to that, it has significantly been proven to generate revenues for the government. 

However, the fascination of real sports has not been felt once it was catered; when such involvement of businesses had not existed. At that time, winning, passion, desperation, crying, obsession for players have been outrageous. People spend time in watching sports; after victory, they run on the streets; they take halt on the way where they see the TV from the showroom. Moreover, due to the high investment of businesses in sports, sometimes chances of spot-fixing and fraudulence, betting might occur, as finally, they want to earn money from sports. Furthermore, businesses pressurize sometimes sports board to include a player in a team though he has flopped consistently for a long time as they have sponsored events or hired those players. 

Thus, though sports has reached to the great height, but has downed the real charm of their spectators as these days they see as one of the leisure activities. So, reinstalling that passion and patriotism in players and spectators should be reckoned first; with taking care of invested money by businesses so they will not towards the losing side. This will indeed maintain the integrity of sports.


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