Speaking test
– What is your full name?
I am Mark Smith

– Can I see your ID?
Oh sure, I would love that

– Where are you from?
I am from Hobart

– Do you work or study?
I am a student of management studies

– What subject are you studying?
Finance, Marketing, Economics like
Cue Card
Describe a useful plant in your country. Please say
– What plant is it?
– Where does it grow?
– Why is it so useful?
Ans: I would like to talk about holy basil, I have seen that plant in the backyard garden of my Indian friend first of all; then I have seen at many houses. Its been a herbal plant and it has a great level of anti-oxidants which has been tremendously helpful to improve immune system, resistance power, and can heal us from many maladies; like cough, cold, flu etc. Then I have googled even where I have got many information about the benefits of such plant. Such as if we use in our meal as decorative leaves just as basil leaves, we can harness our digestive system well. Moreover, during snacks time even we can use it as a taste enhancer as it smells terrific. Its aroma during cooking makes us vulnerable to taste it. And if we crush its dried branch only, even we could sense its fragrance for a longer time. So, its been very helpful and government has to make awareness in people about such plant. Its been quite popular in Indian culture. They reckon this plant as a holy plant and in a particular time in a year, they tend to make this plant's marriage with their one of the main Lord Vishnu, quite interesting; doesn't it. And yes in last, it lowers the chances of cancer if it is consumed regularly. 
– How did you hear about this plant?
As I have told you that I have seen it in my one of the Indian friends in their garden, and inquiry about it, and they have some plenty same type of other herbal plants too.

– Could it be used for other purposes as well?
I don't think so I have remained anything left in the answer, however, it can use in making herbal products more which can give us an alternative options.

– Do you know any other plants that are useful?
Aloe Vera and Mint plants only I know apart from this in group of herbal plant, it is used for making cosmetic products, and has many skin enhancing advantages.


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