In some countries, many parents are interested in homeschooling and the trend is gaining popularity. Do the advantages of this outweigh disadvantages?

Today, homeschooling has been emerging as a new concept to facilitate children to study in the surrounding of homely atmosphere. Though this trend has been popular with the kids of celebrities and has been giving many positives, yet it might pose more detrimental aspects to the children of regular class of family.

Learning not at the specific time in a day, with not having an exact curriculum, need to accomplish the tasks in not given time period and finally cherishing spending more time at home are certain advantages of homeschooling. This way of learning can maintain the charm of learning in students and can be a better knowledgeable person. And in case, if the student has brighter caliber for grasping then he/she would go ahead for further learning rather than waiting for year to complete which makes student more learned; Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel laureate, has been one such example of a student of homeschooling, who has translated Shakespeare's Macbeth at the age of 14 in Bengali language. However, such successful examples have been scarce.

Nevertheless, studying at home without any school pals sometimes might impact homeschooling negatively, while through imitating others' approaches at school; some students start copying in learning. Moreover, students are offered designed curriculum, many varieties of subjects, time for playing during sports lecture, all these are worth attending. Because every time students cannot make parents understand their problems or sometimes they might have been in a state of confusion. Furthermore, there have been changes in homeschooling about the task might not be achieved in time in case student is weak. And at last, the reputation of attending school is likely more, a student can learn discipline, adaptability, etc. more in a regular school rather than in homeschooling.

Thus, homeschooling has positive impacts only when students with having some outclass caliber while regular schooling has been more productive for the rest of the students as such schools have been professional and very well designed with guiding versatile systematic approach. which can have an edge over homeschooling.


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