Nowadays people usually retire at the age of 60 or 65, but some want to keep working as long as they can. Is this a positive or a negative development? Give you own opinion and relevant examples.

Working at beyond the 60 plus age is not an uncommon in private sector, these people still enjoy of working because of having vast experience of all conditions. However, this trend might set serious fret of unemployment which can lead youth to commit unusual things like anti-social behaviour etc.

Today novice university graduates, though, they have great colourful marks, still they come below par expectation in terms of needs of practical efficiency. This has made employer retain their experienced employees who have crossed over 60 of their ages but has maintained their professional skills. As a result, many companies, elite posts have been possessed by those old professionals and have very few posts for the youngsters.

However, youngsters have ideas about current technologies and their complex operational skills which can harness business in more prolific ways, in which segment, old age employees have limitations to understand technologies. Furthermore, youngsters can bear loads of multitasking jobs, field works, capabilities of working for longer hours that companies can take a great leverage for their advancement. Nevertheless, during sailing in the crisis, it becomes very tough task for youngsters to perform better.

Thus, employers should enrol freshers more for the junior level under the guidance of the experienced, which enables both of them to get the understanding of latest technology for old ones and with surviving skills in crisis situations for youngsters. This will certainly benefit the company to eradicate devil of unemployment.


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