latest paper of ielts asked in Pakistan with answers

1. What is your full name?
Ans. I am Mohammad Haq

2. Can I see your ID please?
Ans. Oh sure! here it is.

3. Where are you from?
Ans. I am from Karanchi

4. Do you work or study?
Ans. I have my own business of trading building hardware products.

5. Why did you choose this kind of business?
Ans. Well, its our ancestral business, so since childhood I have been aware with every minute details of this business, and feel easy to do.

6. Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
Ans. See, I am not kind of an ambitious guy, like want to reach at the ultimate level of my business, but yes I do want to see myself as a more controlled person, because usually I have been very much hasty and impulsive, think by heart rather than brain, which has not been good from business point view.

7. Would you like to become a celebrity, if you had a chance?
Ans. who would reject that opportunity! indeed love to be.

8. Why is that?
Ans. See, it gives a great feeling and having stardom with plenty of paparazzi and fans behind you every time, for your glimpse , it certainly gives a charismatic aesthetic pleasure.

Part 2 Cue card
Talk about a time in the past when you were very busy in your life
- What did you do?
- Where and when was it?
- Did you enjoy that part of your life?

Ans: During my college time, I had been lucky that I got selected in the student exchange program for USA. I was very much excited to see US during that time, but after we landed, when I started my semester over there, I did not feel as if I had a moment during that time for living. Because, university that had been very big, and spread in large acres, and I always had to walk miles to reach my campus, had to cook for myself to have my desired food as it was not available in college canteen. Apart from that for the assignment submission and research I had to take many interviews by visiting masses. Simultaneously, I was working in a subway part time to afford my expenses. So, I do not know how I had come to my country living. I understood the ground reality of life of people of first world countries, it has not been cake walk for everyone. I realised the importance of family, felt homesickness and yearned to return, but backed myself. Initially I confronted many odds, could not understand, could not explain my problem, and no body had time for me to teach to co-up in that situation. For a while, I believed as if I had been the waste of place in the world and my parents only could tolerate such dumb son. But gradually, I started gripping all things but could not figure out time to spend for myself. So that hell time had groomed me also completely. No doubt, I made friends with whom I did study and did research. Really missed them.

Part 3 Discussion
1. Do you like visitors? Why?
Ans. Let me be honest with you, it depends on the visitors. I am a married person and if anyone from my wife side comes I always get annoyed.

2. What do you do when visitors come to your place?
Ans. Well, I use to maintain the value of hospitality of my culture.

3. What do you prefer to visit or to invite them at your place?
Ans. Obviously, to visit them to taste the different mouth watering delicacies as I am a bit of foody .

4. Do you think that children today are very overburdened? Why?
Ans. Yes, indeed, mentally too much, no playgrounds, plenty of subjects loaded with high level of competition.

5. What can be done about it?
Ans. Limited curriculum can be prepared rather than imposing multi numbers of subjects with ample chapters.

6. Do you think children learn more in school or during their play time?
Ans. Its subjective case, depends on individual, everybody has different comfort zone for learning.

7. What would be your suggestion about it?
Ans. Well that types of different comfort zone have to be given by education authorities in their premises and same sort of atmosphere parents have to create at home.

8. Do you think workers should be rewarded for their overtime?
Ans. Yes, indeed otherwise what factors will motivate them to do overtime. Employers should not leverage wrongly I mean exploit them. 


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