Many people believe that international sporting events can contribute to world peace while others argue otherwise. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

International sporting events like world cup and Olympics reckoned not only as a medium of releasing patriotic emotions but also in averting increasing tension prevails at a global level. Such events can usher all nations together and can be proven as a tool for peacemaker if its executed properly.

Players from all countries gain attention and followers worldwide from their performances. And many sportsmen become role model of youth and kid who wants to be like him/her and tread in that way to achieve that glory. Such sports celebrities assist international agencies to bring awareness towards global issues in people with leading solution together. 

Moreover, sometimes enemy countries' sporting authority held events at neutral venues where players play together in mixed doubles in Tennis or in Badminton bring those nations people together; e.g., Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, North Korea and South Korea, their sports persons have perform a major role significantly to neutralize tension between respected countries.

However, only sports cannot achieve that feat in bringing world peace; it has to be jointly supported by movie celebrities through arranging cultural exchange programs. Same way, many professionals from different fields can give speeches in seminars representing their countries in conferences e.g., scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers etc. All these people can equally contribute just like sports in improvising peace in the world.

Nevertheless, sports can ignite patriotic emotions emphatically more than other things. As people follow sports more and forget their worries, frets, issues for a while which give them some great moments to cheer or shed tears provided on performances of a team. Brazil is one such country; after victory of football world cup victory positive change in country's development has been remarkable.

Thus, international sporting events should be held regularly with preserving the decorum of national pride. Simultaneously, other celebrities of movies, cultural performers and professional field experts should also be hired. This will endorse of peace and enhance communication better at a global level. 


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