Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.

In present scenario, plethora of media and transportation has boosted tourism and immigration. Many citizens belonging to third world move to the first world countries with their custom and religious differences. However, some countries deny to welcome differences and enforce new immigrant to follow their own which might blemish the beauty of versatility.

Many Asians transpose either to gulf countries or english speaking countries through out a year. Nevertheless, in all countries they witness those's countries' different flavour of customs, culture and celebrations, hospitality etc. As a result, some broad minded are so receptive to accept local customs and behaviour in other country while some rigid mass start movement and campaign for their rights and differences they perform in their native country. E.g., In gulf countries no other religion is acceded to be spread or religious festivals allowed to be celebrated barring Islam. In Europe, this religion women use to get themselves diagnosed by women doctor only which some how not acceptable as it can not be put in to practice of different doctors for different religious people. Because this might lead towards discrimination. 

On the other side America, Canada where cosmopolitan culture is seen in many parts and their citizens are readily accepting and welcome visitors of different countries with their own customs. Moreover, their government is also very supportive and involve in the celebration. E.g., festival of Diwali of India is largely celebrated in USA and in Canada. This approach has taken in to consideration with great respect in those nations and their people which unite them cordially.

Thus, visitors should be conceded to follow their own culture and behaviour as variety is seen in people is spices on the earth. However, those visitors should also involve and pleasantly co-operate and celebrate those foreign values and customs while they visit. This will certainly eradicate negative influence of puritanism from the people of the world.


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