Speaking test
– What is your full name?
Hi, I am Donna Hamilton

– Can I see your ID? 

Oh yes, here it is

– Where are you from?

I am from Durban

– Do you work or study?

I am in financial management sector, working as a head of the accounting

– What roles are you performing?

I have to maintain accounts and have to update regularly all book keeping notes and vouchers collected by my junior executives and have to submit to my senior.

– Can you describe a transportation system in your area?

Its been good and fantastic; Government offers various modes of transportation like Metro, local busses, Trams and we also have good access for hiring cars. apart from that, there has been domestic and international airports. so its been lovely and world class transportation facility.

– Do you use it a lot?

Well depends on journey, for the shorter and within the city I tend to prefer more to use my own car, But yes these days I am planning to switch over to public transportation very much seeing the increasing traffic.

– How do you prefer to travel?

I like to travel by train very much rather than plane or state transport busses, its been convenient, safe and exact. Moreover, simultaneously, we can perform these days our tasks also.

Cue Card
Talk about the highest paying job that you would like to do. Please say
– What is it?
– Where and when did you hear about it?
– Why would you like to do it?

Well, its been my ambition, goal or whatever the best word I can use to it that I want to become an investment Banker in one of the well reputed worldwide banks; like HSBC, Citi Bank, American Express etc. I have the great passion for managing finance and want to work in the category of that field of highest level, where I can sense more challenging tasks, responsibilities, especially for some sinking financial business companies, I want to strive hard to make them float and thrive in a calm sea. However, there has been lot of requirements I have to bring in myself. Nevertheless, I have worked with great businessmen and managed their portfolio superbly by investing their money in international market in real estate, mutual funds, in gold, as well as by guiding them to invest in developing countries through their scheme of Foreign Direct Investment. So by being free lancer and investment consultant at a corporate level, I have been working; however, I want to see myself to work on a highest cadre of this business. I have got the idea of becoming an investment banker through my client who has been respecting me as if I had been working in an international bank. So then onward, I started dreaming and backing myself to bring that in reality.

– What are the benefits of such a job?
Well, there has been tremendous air of respect that I can sense and at the same time sense of completion I might feel that I have achieved something.

– Why do you think this job is necessary?

See, these aims only push me to do something and to move ahead, and its requirement is definitely needed to society to guide them for saving and investing.

– Do the advantages of this job outweigh its disadvantages?

Well some bankers only make riches more richer and deprive the benefits to the middle class and poor people which in fact broaden the gap and class distinction, so if indeed people use their skills and power ethically then I think there will be more benefits over disadvantages.


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