ielts speaking test
Part 1
1. What is your full name?
- I am Henry Dhairya

2. How shall I call you?
Well, you can call me Dhairya

3. Where are you from?
I am from Ahmedabad

4. Do you work or study?
I am a student of Hardware and networking Engineering

5. Describe the place in your town which you like the most?
Definitely Sabarmati riverfront; see its very beautiful and very clean. We don't need to go to Golden Bridge of London or at Sydney's Harbour Bridge. Many beautiful flower gardens scattered in big and long area, really gives a very beautiful panoramic beauty. In morning people go for jogging, some executives do meeting and they all really feel very enchanting and positive experience.

6. What transportation facilities do you have in your hometown?
- We have many modes of transportation available, but people tend to prefer travel more by local bus. They are fast and frequent at many routes. However, sometimes driven recklessly by drivers.

7. Let's talk about hats and caps.
- OK

8. Do people in your country wear hats and caps?
- Well many of them, in fact in countryside more

9. Do people wear them for a special occasions or in everyday situations?
Well youngsters do like to wear on everyday reckoning their casual dress up. while older people wear signifying their community or culture by wearing them either on daily basis or on occasion.

10. Have you ever wore a cap as a child?
- Not really but I always pay attention to those people whose caps I found very attractive.

11. Do you like to dance?
Yes, I do 

12. Why do you like dancing?
See through dancing I just purge out all my silent painful emotions and feelings of restlessness. Then I really become very much calm and tranquil.

13. When do people in your country usually dance?
Well people from northern and western part of India don't require any excuse for dance, they simply dance on many numerous occasions  through out their life. they start playing bhangra and garba respectively whenever they have get together.

Part 2 Cue card
Describe a situation that makes you anger the most?

- where and when does it happen?
- what exactly makes you angry?
- how do you handle this situation?
Well, when some unprofessional people, who use to speak loudly and interfering and advising me who haven't experience  a small part of my life at all. And when such people endlessly do yelling and shouting me with bundles of advice that really enrages me. And in that, case there is no point to argue or defend such people or making them silent by telling them dominatingly. But as it is a saying that smart person requires only an indication. So in a same way, I tactfully scamper away my self from these guys or divert the discussion in which sometimes I succeed and in sometimes I don't. But certainly, it takes me to get rid out of that situation.

Part 3 Discussion
1. When you replay this situation in your mind later, do you feel angry?
- Oh absolutely too much so its better not to peep in such matter

2. Do you think expressing your emotions is important? why?
- It is important but in a safer and more controlled way which doesn't harm any other person as well as to a person himself.

3. Does modern society influence positive or negative emotions? why?
- Depends what kind of level of thinking of society has in which you live in. If they have people with some backward mindset with materialistic approach always endeavour criticising others, then how can we expect positivity generates from society. But of course , if you engage more with such people who always engage in some beautiful intellectual talk with valid reasoning and arguments, they will definitely influence more positively.

4. What are the effects of positive and negative emotions on health?
Well negative emotions frustrate you and sadden you more with giving uninspiring treatment, while positive emotions tread people on tracks towards doing betterment of themselves and for society altogether.

5. Can you explain this?
Well if you spend your time in argumentation on some trivial issues which might rise your level of blood pressure; and if you spend same in group discussion, or in project assignment or in business provided on productive issues, which will sound person with great positivity.

6. Do men and women express emotions in a similar way?
Not exactly they both are uncommon and unconventional, it depends on individuals. some express quite easily in any condition while some bury very deeply in their heart not want to express or those to be entertained by sharing with someone else. so it doesn't matter whether it is a woman or a man in expressing emotions.


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