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Nowadays people work from home. what are the advantages and disadvantages of this situation in particular and of technologically advanced society in general?

Plethora of technology has gifted very ease in modern world to the working professionals. This tremendous development has made people work from the home which benefitted them greatly for saving time and money. However, its improper use might lead them towards solitary and uninspiring life.

Today, working from the home is not a new for many technologically aware people. Their enlightened minds know about the unbounding horizons of earning money through work simply with the availability of internet and computer. Different roles and responsibilities; from being a freelancer to a corporate dignified executives can be performed eloquently with pleasure of freedom to follow any dress code or behaviour or without under any supervision. Consequently, more skills with dynamic output come out from people and can harness their expertise to the next level. This setup has especially proven boon to the pregnant women and single parent who have multiple duties to perform.

However, some threats have also been posed of this development. E.g., many professionals break protocols and sell confidential information of company's policies, future updations, products or tenders to the other competitors by meeting them personally or from separate access of computer. Like, some companies have server supported network which can not let authentic information go out of the company's system. Nevertheless, blogging, online teaching and search engine optimization type of businesses have given wings to the freelancer to fly independently following their own working terms and conditions along with managing time effectively for other leisure and extra learning activities.

Thus, work from home have positive aspects outweigh negative. However, more extra time to the people; but barring proper utilizing actively can make people lazy, couch potato; while active use will enhance their knowledge without under any supervision and have more time with family.


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