Is it better for children to learn to read by using online material or by using printed material? Discuss and give your opinion.

Today, online materials have really made great ease for children to find out solution of their queries, and its presentation also appeals them for knowing further. However, approved online materials by government can be reckoned rather than simply entertaining what it comes randomly.

Nowadays, internet has facilitated not only adults but also charmed children by providing soft animated presentation of information which really develops their interest for learning. Some ethical story, heroic events, lullabies are shown with great tender music with beautiful character design that gives fun to the nursery kids. Moreover, online available atlas, charts and details about different categorical nouns of fruits, vegetables with their benefits, give ample knowledge. As a result, kids feel as if they were enjoying cartoons. So this gives something unique feelings that has made them away from routine way of gaining knowledge through printed materials though they are well attractive in printed graphics and color.

However, printed materials also can cater good information resource, but it has its own limitations, like audio and video files supported for reading articles can't be associated with printed reading materials. Graphics animation adds fun in reading as well as sometimes speaker also is presented who conducts that reading when we play that button which enhances children's reading capabilities with improving their pronunciation. But apart from informative materials; some comics, journals, magazines and novels can be read through printed materials which can fire their imagination by creating such events in dreaming, in fantasy or in mind subconsciously while reading.

Thus, both types of reading give benefits only to the children. Classroom reading work need to be given in some attractive presentation through online but from authentic resources; while funny stories, novels should be infused them through printed reading which sharpen their creative intelligence.


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