When it comes to research on family history, some people prefer not to dig into the past; instead they just focus on their future. Discuss the positives and negatives of this approach and include your own opinion.

Criticizing or appreciating people reckoning their glorious or adverse past family history had been very much popular for a longer time. However; in present, people have become more broadminded and practical in dealing others with taking into consideration their present rather than past or the future.

Many masses always indulge in digging the past of others' family history and devalue their significant achievement in present and contribution to the society and their family. Their such focus towards others belonging to which caste and color; come out whether from ancestrally rich or poor family, have always widened the gap of discrimination. E.g, in tying up with the others in business or for wedding, many orthodox people don't go ahead with such people whose family has past criminal records.

However, in present scenario, this way of thinking is not completely obsolete or out of fashion but yet many people insist on watching and focusing on present being of person with his/her deeds and ethics and profile. This mindset surely gives the second chance to such people who have typically annoying and unaccepted family history. Present generation have enough intellect to judge the other person with measures of his/her education, behaviour, social acceptance and knowledge and views for the life etc.

Hence, focusing on future with developing the present relationship will be proved certainly a great harmonious approach for people to come closer rather than stretching the gap in opposite direction by disparaging past family history of a person.


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