Nowadays businesses face problems with the fresh and new employees who have just finished their education and lack some interpersonal skills such the ability to work in team. What do you think is the main cause of the problem? How can it be a resolved?

Seeing education as a source for piling up money has invited many businessmen invest heftily in education, however, fail to give quality education upto major extent which has resulted in more number of fresher graduates with owning little interpersonal skills. This can lead towards severe unemployment.

Education, these days, has been a lucrative industry for many corporate. They set up attractive campus in many acres with providing wifi zones and digital library. By showing such eloquent learning zone, they attract many youths for study but hardly few of them reckon about research facilities, assignment and project work conducted through internship program whether it is offered or not in adequate proportion. Moreover, it's been demand in corporate about having interpersonal skills in e.g., computer, public speaking, international correspondence skills etc. Nevertheless, very few aspirants have concern with these qualities to make their resume niche for an employment.

Furthermore, many capitalists have spiced up their interest through establishing universities as awareness about education has greatly been exploded in youngsters. Many of them have been associated with many firms for practical workshops, but all on paper; even they have negligence to give decent remuneration to the teaching staffs. Consequently, classrooms remain empty with teachers or duty of teaching multiple subjects given to the greedy teachers who work at low wages to survive in this world of high dearness. Moreover, teachers and other supporting staffs constantly change their workplace for better prospects and teachings aids also found many a times not working in proper conditions.

Thus, main educational governing body should assess and monitor universities handsomely and assure that about quality course curriculum with intense research facility, internship programs at corporate will be given. This will make novice professionals more aware with their roles and responsibilities expected at the work from their initial semester.


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