Intelligence is the most important component for the leadership. Do you agree
or disagree? Give your opinion and support it with adequate example.

Leadership has always been reckoned as a salient feature. However, for owning the skill of the leadership, many aspects need to be incarnated in a person such as patience, taking out work from others and many more, in which one of them is indeed intelligence.

In not only corporate scenario but performing any group tasks at petty level, leaders always face odds in performing their roles and responsibilities. Many experts emphasize more on intelligence that to be owned if a person wants to be a leader because better intelligence than other players can give an edge to a leader and easily group accept that certified fact; e.g., in schools and in sports a candidate who has better scoring sheets, other members readily get convinced to make him/her a leader. 

Nevertheless, intelligence is mere a characteristic that is not adequate for the leadership. Many other qualities such as decision making, skill of obtaining the output what is anticipated from the others, temperament of unyielding spirit in any crisis situation etc. certainly are taken into consideration for the leader. Moreover, sharing victories in others and for the failure, taking responsibilities on him/herself and hiding the faults of others really shine out leader and undoubtedly accepted by people.

Thus, unconquering attitude in front of any worst circumstances, confidence, analytical skills to recognize strength and weaknesses of a mass or group are inevitably required in a leader rather than valuing intelligence barely.


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