1. What's your name please?
I am Naitik Gajjar

2. How shall I call you?
You can call me Naitik

3. May I see your passport please?
Oh! sure, here it is

4. Do you work or study?
Well, I have my own business of manufacturing mechanical tools.

5. Why have you selected this profession?
See, I have done my study in mechanical engineering and have performed internship in other companies; and I found it interesting so I have selected this profession.

6. What's your favourite color?
I like black very much, as it really suits me well and I look cool in it and I use to wear with the different combination with black, white or red.

7. What is the most favoured color in your friends?
Well, they tend to prefer more blue, in different tones in blue with different patterns and styles. From dark to light, sometimes mixed with grey or black but blue always is there.

8. What's your planning to do in the future?
I want to pursue study in 'Nano Technology' as that will be the future of manufacturing technology

9. Do you carry a lot of luggage while travelling?
Well, it depends upon the nature of the journey, if its an international one, then I surely prefer to have some more bundles of luggages, however, if its business tour or to the next state tour, then would love to travel being solo without any luggage.

10. How do you choose a suitable bag or suitcase?
Obviously, its style and pattern and whether it suits while I carry. But I focus more on its sturdiness and it should be light in weight that really matters the most to me rather than brand tag in buying bag.

part 2 cue card
Talk about bicycle, motorbike or car trip that you are planning for the future. Please say
1. Where and when do you want to go?
2. who would you go there with?
3. Why do you want to do it?

Well in upcoming Christmas vacation, I am planning to visit one of the islands of Bahamas with my last batch of college friends. They have given me the task to schedule this tour. I have referred out many packages and itineraries and have designed tour. The place, we will visit, has been very beautiful with all natural landscapes and panoramic views, many cascades, streams, hills, falls, unending farms of flowers, really make us feel very enchanting. Notably, this island is owned by a hotelier, who makes it compulsion to every tourist to visit this island and stay without any mobiles, or gadgets. So people, for a while, can take a break from society and their business and can lost or enjoy nature 100%. And I really enjoy this concept. So hopefully my all friends will enjoy this tour.

Part 3 Discussion
1. What will make this journey so special?
As I have said earlier that we all friends of last year of college will get together again, so indeed this will make this journey special.

2. Do you find traffic and pedestrians crossing safe?
In my city, I would utterly say no, because they don't follow signals properly and pedestrians don't have the tendency to use zebra crossing to cross the road.

3. Should we create more pedestrian zones in our cities?
Parallely every roads there should be a sidewalk or walk way for the pedestrians.

4. What is the impact of the cars on the environment?
Their emission of carbon has been significant in detriment environment. However, thanks to the increasing trend of hybrid cars which will lessen the impact.

5. What should governments do to eliminate this impact?
Well, they can levy hefty taxes on people's beyond permitted use and they should promote awareness of using more government transportation by providing luxurious experience.


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