Nowadays many people go shopping in their free time. Shopping has replaced many other activities that people used to choose as their hobby. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Many people have set up to free themselves from routine mundane life by engaging in the hobby of shopping. Moreover, the glamorous and artistic presentation through advertisement has enticed many to do shopping. However, replacing hobbies with shopping might subside real pleasure of different salient activities. 

Today, the impact of advertisement has been too eloquent to avoid. Buyers witness the new products and services everywhere from newspaper to billboards on the roadside. This increasing significance of advertisement turn on people for owning such things. Eg., Business giants spend 30 to 35% of profit in marketing through endorsing celebrities of sports and movies, whose followers adopt those products in their life which set the trend of shopping.

However, it ruins the person economically greatly and at a time that limit comes when he/she finds the hobby of shopping meaningless. Nevertheless, indulging in sports, artistic skills definitely maintains the life with numerous good things; like keeping fitness in good shape, purging out emotions, anger through dance or singing makes the person relax and more refresh. Furthermore, cooking, drawing, reading, such indoor hobby, equally gives freshness with peacefulness to the minds. Such healthy kinds of stuff indeed lack in shopping which gives a person a momentary pleasure.

Thus, shopping should not be prioritized as a hobby of over other activities. Otherwise, people will become talentless and boring and start judging the others through what they have rather what they can. Hence, shopping should be reckoned as an activity of once in blue moon rather than as a hobby performed addictively.


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