Part 2 Cue Card
Describe an application or program in your computer or phone
- What the app/program is
- When and where you found it
- How you like it
- And how you feel about it

Ans: I would like to say about Amazon application that I have in my smart phone. Its an online shopping portal. It sells almost all kinds, from branded to local products, from essential to luxurious products. It covers all needs of customers. Person can select the products, and can pay online or at receive at home even. He can compare the features and configurations of the product with the other company products even. Moreover, if a person is not adequately satisfied with the product then he can exchange the product or he can return even. All products are genuine and come with the certain warranty period. I used to spend my time in buying clothes and electronics from market. But when I saw my friend got the new phone and that was only available on Amazon. So I was quite surprised. I saw this app. in his mobile and found that it has plenty of range in all segments. So I have instantly downloaded this application. And many a times I do shopping from this shopping cart website only. And no doubt, in all this time, I have developed a wrong addiction of shopping. Its user interface is good. Person can easily go in the segment what he is looking for. And very secured. Quite cheaper than outlets or mall and in this way, we can save time and money also. I have bookmarked this website in my browser too. So overall, very nice application.

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