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Cue card
Describe a mistake that you made 
what the mistake was
when and where you made it?
who was with you? 
how the mistake affected to you?

Ans: It was a time during my 8th standard. I was very much poor in english grammar and spellings and used to make many mistakes. My sir, once he scolded me fairly and harshly in his chamber, in class and in front of my parents. I did not like that sir and my abhorrence towards english had not been getting abated.  Luckily, I got new sir in next term who had been like a friend of mine, treated very diligently. Telling me stories and making me write my own stories which had improved my english greatly in terms of grammar and spellings. So, finally, I had started liking english. But it was a terrible period for me until that last term because of my horrible mistakes in writing. I could not try to give anyone in writing, developed a phobia that I would be certainly wrong and people would make fun of me. But, as it happens in stories, finally I also got rid of that problem of making mistakes.

Part 3 Discussion
1. What should teachers do when students make mistakes?
They should figure out the source that made students commit mistakes. And according to it they can design solution.

2. What can people learn from mistakes?
If they are positive then they would learn surely to keep eyes on all those loopholes in next attempts which makes them perfect.

3. Do you often make mistakes?
Yes, I do but not often

4. Can mistakes help people to be more successful?
Well it depends on people, how they react on their mistakes. If they are with negative frame of mind, then they would surely change the path or fix the problem by other sources rather than improvising them that restrict them to be successful.

5. How to avoid making mistakes?
Not to do things which is beyond our knowledge, can certainly make us able to avoid mistakes.
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