Some think that Builders should focus more on functionality in mind rather than the design of the building. Do you agree or disagree?

Today soaring skyscrapers of concrete with numerous benefits have brought the world to the next level of infrastructure for living and working. However, still, there has been an issue of the functionality of building which has not been achieved in many parts in comparison to design.

Nowadays, spacious rooms with large windows and doors with heavy thick walls have been the glory of past living standards. Though such living standard has been good in terms of basic availability of air and light circulation, big verandah, large backyard, and garden in surrounding that had been a playground for kids; however, in terms of paster, color and designing of the building had been similar without any fancy structure. 

Today in condominiums and apartment many builders provide fire safety man permanently in the building with its cabin; apart from that, a team of supers who check and repair regularly about power supply or any damage in the houses with monitoring through CCTV cameras. Moreover, many apartments have been designed and given the new names of studio house or weekend house with giving all requirement;e.g., Jacuzzi bath, clubhouses with facilities for all sports, gymnasium with a trainer, WiFi in the whole campus with workshop rooms for arranging conference, practicals or events.

Furthermore, many giant infrastructure companies endeavor to provide schools, hospitals, and banks and many other essential services. So the person can reach in case of emergency or in crisis quite promptly. Therefore, functionality should have to be kept in minds of builders anticipating the demands of present fast lifestyle. Nevertheless, providing or channelizing new designs in constructing always give or sense new flavor to the resident. E.g., many celebrities use to ornate their houses from a professional interior designer with reckoning their interesting themes, leisure, and functions near to the island or on the beach.

Thus, designing that enchant people and make them feel velvet touch. However, availability of functionality makes them dynamic and motivates to do as per their moods in present accelerated lifestyle in which everything has been available on the couch. In a nutshell, a feature of functionality with immaculate designing will give exotic living experience.


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