Speaking Test
Part 1 Interview
1. What is your full name please?
Ans: I am Anna Smith

2. Can I see Your ID please?
Ans: I'd love it, its here

3. Where are you from?
Ans: I am from Buenos Aires

4. Do you work or study?
Ans: I am neither a working person nor a student; I'm a housewife

5. Don't you do any sort of job?
Ans: Yes, I do part time job of baby sitting but that is not on daily basis. I go for that work only when it requires

6. What are your responsibilities at work?
Ans: I have to get kids ready for their school, make sure they eat their breakfast properly and have to help them in their school homework etc. only when their parents haven't been there

7. Do you read magazines? Why?
Ans: Very rarely, I am not fond of magazines or any sort of reading. As I do watching TV more

8. So what program do you prefer to watch? Why?
Ans: Any program in channel Travel and Living. Because I enjoy travelling and cooking is my hobby

9. Did it help you to learn english?
Ans: I haven't observed it from that program about my development of english through that channel. However, As I am enjoying as I have said so certainly it might be helping.

10. What are the differences between a magazine or a newspaper?
Ans: Newspaper covers many areas like from business news to local news and sports to movies oriented and many more like local classified of property, job, obituary etc. But magazine dedicatedly present about on a particular topic in details with photos and interviews of experts or celebrities etc.

Section 2 ; Cue card 
Talk about a course that you would like to take if it was available in your country.
- Why would you like to learn this course?
- Do you think other people should also take this course too?
- What can be done to make it available?

Ans: I would certainly like to learn the course of Aerobics. See that course is hardly and properly taught in my country. I have visited some professional website that teach Aerobics online. They teach quite superbly with the rhythm and different type of dance which really gives a great workout entertainingly. And people, these days, aggravate their health because of wrong diet and lack of movement. Moreover, they are also not that so keen to maintain their fitness and structure through attending gym and lifting weight or through cardio. Hence, this exercise really pours interest and can make them addicted to attend regularly. Aerobics comes with the variety of styles like Zumba Aerobics, water aerobics etc. So people while swimming if they get bored then water aerobics really gives them change. Same way Zumba Aerobics, really its been fun loving exercise. With the dance, person moves step quickly, shakes waist and kicks in the air according to the music and steps. So, they get natural exercise, can burn calorie easily and feel rejuvenation. However, government has to aware people towards this type of exercise that can unite the people and aware towards health's significance through conducting these courses in public parks and garden.

Part 3 : Discussion
1. If some institution would offer the course, would you take it?
Ans: By all means and without hesitating. Nevertheless, it should not be seemed any sort of freud.

2. Let's talk about some popular courses offered by universities in your country. 
Ans: ok

3. Can you name a few courses?

Ans: In routine, generally people tend to go in IT, in Manufacturing Engineering, Medical and so forth

4. Why are they so popular?

Ans: As they guarantee students about their settled future provided they give good result.

5. Is it easy to find a job after finishing these courses?

Ans: In present scenario, however, its been hard because of prevailing cut throat competition in every segment.

6. What are some good qualities of a teacher in your opinion?

Ans: Patience that is the most important thing and interest from the intuition to uplift the student at better level. apart from that, tailor made approaches in teaching reckoning the students' understanding. 

7. Do you think only education make teachers successful?

Ans: Not really, barring education, they can run the NGO, and being philanthropists and becoming an active bloggers, aware the students and can make them realise about the current burning issues to sort out. So such work can also make them successful.

8. What kind of skills a sports teacher should have compared to a maths teacher? Why?

Ans: Maintaining discipline from students, time management, and conducting proper fitness regime to maintain good health, fitness and stamina which required indeed for performing sports.


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