The modern family structure and roles of each member have changed in recent years. Do you think it has negative or positive effects on families? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

Today's family structure pattern has been remarkably different from past family structure like of living in a nuclear family than in joint family still many of them are connected which situation has also arisen some different roles of family members that had not been existed in past.

Nowadays, escalating number of working parents and rather than adopting living in a joint family, many numbers of nuclear families have been increasing which had been hardly existed in the past. This situation has not only to impose many roles on parents from nurturing and feeding to spending time with their kids by both man and woman;
but also they have to take care of their parents or grandparents in some cases, which seems very challenging.

However, this change has brought some many positive aspects in a person; e.g., decision making for their career and life, dynamism in understanding the world with competing new challenges of work and life and doing things something differently, creatively or innovatively, and finally made more responsible with taking care of family members time to time.

Nevertheless, many social evils have also been erupted because of this family structure. Children have become more bold and expressive sometimes sensed rude and unwilling to follow ideas and customs of family e.g., having inadequate time parents also don't enforce them to obey. Consequently, children are not monitored properly and find it difficult to acclimatize with different circumstances with different people.

Thus, to live in any type of family does not make any difference if mutually they all are not connected and cant enjoy their personal freedom and being respected for their views or liking. However, living in a joint family has an edge in terms of safety and maintaining cultural values in children.


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