Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Many historic places and buildings are being destroyed or damaged. What do you think are the reasons? What can be done about it? Give your opinion and relevant examples.

Today many historical buildings are being demolished by some governments as they might think that as there has been wastage of money for their preservation and could be replaced by building up malls or shopping centers which can support the government in earning hefty taxes.

Nowadays, buildings or places with historical importance have become an obstacle for the development of cities as they occupy huge space. Moreover, many people especially businessmen aspire such attractive locations in cities or in suburbs but fail to get many a time; persuade government by giving political pressure to destruct them and to establish commercial hubs.

However, such buildings can perform a big role in attracting tourists from worldwide if they are well monitored and maintained by the archaeological department of the country. Furthermore, countries can improvise their value by inviting UNESCO which body use to declare worldwide heritage places by assessing with historical importance. This will undoubtedly boost tourism at that place and can benefit to the service industries like hotels and touring business.

In addition, such places can be helpful in preserving the culture and people can feel proud for having such sculptures in their town. Historical buildings reflect the culture of a place and present that country with a peculiar identity in the whole world. E.g., Taj Mahal in India, Pyramids in Egypt, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy etc. 

On the other-side, Government can extend their cities' perimeter by castling townships with all luxurious and exotic facilities which might turn up people to move there and demand for places can be minimized without collapsing historical buildings as they have been part of efforts of past generations who crafted without technology.

Thus, knocking down historic buildings should not be welcomed but if it is mandatory such places can be moved with help of engineering science to other places. Moreover, the government can charge tourists to visit such places that can be used to conserve such places or buildings and for the betterment of the local people.


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