Speaking test
- What is your full name?
I am Maria Mere

- Can I see your ID?
Oh sure, here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam

- Do you work or study?
I am student of master of chemistry

- What subject are you studying?
I am studying organic chemistry, physical and analytical chemistry

- Why did you choose it?
See, actually I had a good faculty in my 8th standard who developed my interest in chemistry, I used to get good marks in that subject so persuaded my interest in making career in chemistry.

- Is the colour important when you choose to buy something?
yes indeed, because anything in red that really appeals me a lot, I tend to buy as I like that colour very much and it suits me more. so, definitely important to me

- What colour don’t you want at home? Why?
White never at all, because its very dusty where i live. And so have to spend too much time again and again to maintain it clean

- What fast food do you like?

sandwich easy and quick and healthy too

- How often do you eat fast food?
twice in a week when I want to change a bit from routine traditional food that time I make some different gravies and with dressings and toppings I make it delicious

- What do you prefer, one long holiday or a few short ones?
Definitely short with regular intervals, see I can bear the workload in a day of 8 to 15 hours but need break on weekend when I can do some other required stuffs like cleaning, mopping, some shopping, banking things and ironing and can go for a short hangout nearby even.

Cue Card
Describe what you would do if you had a day off. Please say
- What and where would you do?
- Who would you do it with?
- Why would you like to do it?
Well, I would love to go for a shopping as where I live, down-town has been very near to it. So many number of shopping centres, malls, branded outlets and jewellery showrooms are there. No doubt my father doesn't like it and it irritates him. But I am a kind of shopping fanatic. I always like to do in my spare time and it really doesn't matter that I do shopping from malls or shops. sometimes enjoy roadside shopping also. In all that area I like an outlet, Female's Town very much. Its pretty fabulous shop, divided in to two floors with five departments. It has a good parking facility and ground floor is divided in formal and casual wear sections. leggings, jeans, t shirts, cool funky and trendy in styles and in colours casual wear section which has been my favourite one. And in upstairs some high and rich party wear in dark colours, recently i bought a black metallic party gown with glittering work from there. and you cant believe it I got that so in cheap rate and looked very costly. My all friends got envy of me. Moreover, many accessories I prefer to buy especially delicate dummy diamond jewellery and enjoy to adorn myself. So shopping with what I cant apart my self very longer. I can survive hungry for several days. But cant resist without shopping. And it doesn't matter whether I go with friends or alone.
- Why do people try to earn more money?
Because they want to have all world class branded amenities and to enjoy the best exotic pleasure. And some like to have that dignified status of want to be called rich

- Is it good to do that?
No not at all, actually people seek pleasure and happiness in enjoying the moments with friends and family rather seeking from the luxurious things, but that doesn't mean that should not reckon about earning more money, means they should not become vulnerable or I would say desperate for earning otherwise they might spoil their present, and who have seen the future


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