Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Many people try to look younger than they really are. What are the reasons for that? Is it a positive or negative development?

Today people have not become health conscious only but also become careful their look. However, this enlightenment to look younger than they really are might be the influence of media's coverage of fashion promotion.

Nowadays, celebrities, the way they remain intact beautiful or handsome for a longer time of period. No doubt, this has been the boon of medical's cosmetic advancement. However, it is their profession and in that way, they prolong their career by looking quite younger than they really are. However, they pass through many medical hurdles and fitness regime, diet and cosmetic surgeries.

Such coverage of media entices people's interest to look as beautiful or dashing as their role model look. And same way they also take the support of some treatment like Botox therapy which removes creases from face and shoulder; Steroids which develops muscles and plastic surgeries of some part of the body which give them their dream look and figure.

However, it has always been a good thing to value the look and to endeavor to look younger by maintaining it but that doesn't mean people should blindly afford their time endlessly in looking younger than they really are. And for that, they can take the aid of proper diet and exercise. Moreover, other people's appreciation cant be gained through looking younger and beautiful but rest of the other things in the life of a person also very important as well as his/her looks. E.g., knowledge, performance, deeds, help to people or society, virtues and also a sense of humor etc. All these equally attribute in overall personality of a person to give greater impact apart from the look even.

Thus, to look younger should not be that so emphasized excessively. People should focus similarly on other factors such as knowledge, work, helpful to society. Blindly engaging in looking younger might fall person into depression if it is prioritized more.


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