Speaking test
- What is your full name?
Hi, I am Andrew Davis

- Can I see your ID?
Oh I'll appreciate that, here it is

- Where are you from?

I am from Prague

- Do you work or study?

I am a working person. I am working as a food handler in private pizza outlet

- Why did you choose this job?

well, its been hard time for getting job in this period of recession, so its better to do something than to do nothing

- Do you enjoy it?

Initially was not enjoying but yes, recently I have been enjoying because of understanding the nature of this job, its main areas and mainly I have earned good relationship with my co-workers and enjoying their company

- Do you like walking in a park?

Not only walking, but running, jogging and sprinting also.

its been a good park, very spacious and have wide track for joggers, so always feel good at there.

- Is there a park close to your home?

yes, that's the park, which I have talked about, I am lucky to have such big garden in my backyard

- How often do you walk there?

well, Its not pretty fix, on weekend or if I feel full or want to reduce some weight, then just rush at there

Cue Card
Describe a situation when you helped someone. Please say
- Whom did you help?
- When and where was it?
- How did you feel about it later?

Ans: It was an incidence of last year, when I was going to attend my friend's birthday, and as soon as I left my home, at the cross road, I saw a horrible accident. People injured very badly. But nobody showed a sense of help. So I moved ahead and some other volunteers also assisted me and I rushed them to the hospital. meanwhile i forgot about my friend's birthday where I have to reach in time, because there has been a label of being late comer on me. However, doctor had appreciated my work and gave me some papers to complete formalities, and police came, I got a bit nervous but they calmed me down and took my briefing of an incident. I stayed there and until those injured people's relatives came. I had paid some fees even for their treatment and medicines. However, later when I reached my friend's birthday, he, being infuriate, banish me from the party. Later however, getting idea about my noble and benevolent task they felt great proud of me. came to me and asked about forgiveness. I also had forgiven them and demanded party from him. But really I felt great of that deed for the sake of humanity. And most significantly, I earned good friendship of those injured guys

- Did you ever receive help from anyone?
Yes, my two friends have helped me to come out from my exam and stage performance phobia

- Is it common in your culture to help others?

No, It depends on the people and their willing, and also on the availability of time they have to help. But yes they figure out time to help if victim is a lady


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