Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people believe that the young generation should follow the traditions of their society; others, however, believe that young people should be free to make their own choice as individuals. Discuss both views and your own opinion.

Following the traditions by youngsters has been the salient feature of some cultures especially in Asian countries like in India and China while western countries have given freedom to youngsters to live according to their will. However, a balanced view of maintaining traditions with own independent way of living can have a more positive impact.

Today many people want young generation tread in those roads carved and followed by their forefathers as this has been seen as a custom to follow those paths and people might face fewer problems in life if they live according to those traditions. E.g., in Asian countries like in India and China, all young people can't make their own choice. They have to follow ideals set in traditions in selecting study, career or life partner etc. Moreover, in this way they are maintaining their traditional values and cultures which are worth to be preserved as traditions reflect the peculiar identity of a culture.

However, this has not been the case in the western countries like in the USA, Canada or Australia. In such countries, youngsters are likely to be shaped from their earlier childhood to live their life according to their own mindset. But later on, many youngsters use their freedom excessively and divert from their path of development. Youngsters will learn from their mistakes; this motto has been behind such given freedom. However, flying freely in their own sky, some youngsters spend their life in enjoyment only; in drinking and wandering only and spoil later life and finally realize with the importance of life and basic values and traditions very late.

Thus, elders should guide value of traditions in youngsters but not force them to follow as it might hamper their creativity and imagination with what they might create a better world. In short,society should maneuver value for traditions in youngsters but without suffocating their innovative and creative intelligence.


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